Frequently Asked Question

How does the App get the number of Bad Counts?

The "YouTube Dislike Checker" uses the API of ReturnYouTubeDislike, a project that accumulates the number of Bad Counts, to get the number of Counts.

Why is it that Bad Counts is completely invisible after 2021/12/13, but I can get Bad Counts for videos posted after that date?

The ReturnYouTubeDislike project calculates the overall low rating percentage of a channel and provides the number in the form of a "estimated value" for videos after December 13.

So, please understand that this is not the actual number!

Why doesn't it go into Picture-in-Picture mode on rare occasions?

Due to the specifications of the YouTube app, the screen transition may fail if you do not properly close the app that was opened from sharing.
In that case, if you close the app with the back button, it will open in PIP mode when you open it again.